Installation of pool equipment

If you have decided to build a pool, leave the construction process to the professionals. Our team of experts will install all the necessary elements and installations, starting from the concreting phase to the construction of the plant, and the commissioning of the system itself. We install the pool equipment in the pool shell and assemble the pool engine room ourselves. Also, you can order all the necessary pool equipment from us, such as skimmers, pumps, filters, lighting, and pool nozzles.

Our pool equipment is of top quality from renowned companies specializing in pool equipment. 

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Other services

In accordance with the environment, the coating gives the pool a distinctive look. However, it's not all about aesthetics and design. A smart choice of the covering of the pool is more than important. In our offer, we offer different types of finishing.

We offer you the creation of detailed project plans. We approach each client individually and find the optimal solution according to your wishes and possibilities.
That way, we guarantee the quality of work during the entire construction process. 

After putting the pool into operation, there is a need for basic maintenance of the pool and equipment. Like all other devices and technical facilities, the pool equipment requires regular, annual, and periodic services, and if necessary, special services.

Proper servicing of pool technology extends the life of the device, especially if it is a system with automatic dosing and management.

In case you already have an installed pool, and in the meantime, your needs have changed or you have noticed the shortcomings of the current pool, and you want a better pool solution, we will be happy to provide you with a pool reconstruction service.

Pool reconstruction solutions and procedures differ from case to case. Our team of employees will offer you the best, most simple, and high-quality solution for reconstruction. Your pool will get a new look in the shortest possible time. 

In every pool, even if the winterization procedure was carried out correctly, it is necessary to prepare the water for the new season.

Firstly, the pool shell must be filled or topped up with clean water to the level required for the recirculation system to work properly. When the pool is filled (a process that can take several days) it is recommended to add chlorine granules of 55% to prevent the water from becoming contaminated. After the pool is full, a shock treatment must be carried out to remove all bacteria and harmful substances from the water.

To prevent the development of algae, you can add Algicide. In addition to good water disinfection, it is necessary to check and regulate the pH of the water (acidity level) using pH regulators. Another important step is to adjust the dosage of Flocculant, which will help clean the pool water and improve filtration.

After filling the pool with water and checking that all systems are working properly, the water must be crystal clear and safe for bathers. With a swimming pool that you use for your own needs, you not only have to worry about the cleanliness of the water but also about aspects such as safety, cleanliness of the environment, and the correct use of chemical products.

We maintain, service, and take care of the water quality in the pool throughout the year, and we also offer the possibility of contracting seasonal maintenance.


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