The overflow system for the treatment of pool water is a higher quality and somewhat more expensive option. It is used both in public, as well as in private and residential swimming pools.

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The surface water is drained via the overflow channel and the overflow system into the compensation tank.
The balance tank has the function of receiving pool water in recirculation, accumulating water squeezed out by bathers in the pool, and it contains the water needed for washing and rinsing the filter.

After the balance tank, the untreated pool water is taken via the filter pump to the processing plant where the quality is checked, while the filtration, heating, and disinfection are carried out. Processed pool water is returned to the pool through the return nozzles located on the pool floor, thereby ensuring the circulation of pool water from the bottom up, which represents a better quality solution.

The correct arrangement of the jet nozzles, along with the already mentioned treatment, ensures crystal clear and high-quality water. 


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