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It contains stainless stands, a telescopic tube, a set of elements for attaching the solar tarpaulin, and a fuse to prevent the tarpaulin from unfolding. The telescopic tube is made of anodized aluminum, so it has a groove along its entire length for attaching the tarpaulin. Winding devices are produced by the Vágner company in several modifications, fixed, i.e. for fixed installation using dowels and mobile (with wheels).
These stands are made of polished stainless steel and plastic parts. The integral part of the set is complete with components to ensure a firm attachment of the tarpaulin, rope, and wind-up pole. The device also has a fuse to prevent the tarpaulin from unfolding.

The main characteristics of this device are simple installation, effective design, and with the use of solar or thermal insulation film, great energy savings. 

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The winter cover covers the entire surface of the pool during the long winter months and is attached to the deck using pegs, telescopic anchors, springs, or bungee cords to ensure perfect tension. Using a liner protects the water and your pool liner by preventing leaves from accumulating on the bottom of the pool.
Also, the winter cover makes it easier to return the pool to use when the weather is nice because your pool does not have to drain or reduce the water level.

Don't hesitate to ask a professional to install and maintain your winter cover to withstand the seasonal weather. 

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Automatic covers are particularly safe because no access to water is possible, even around the periphery of the pool. It keeps the water clean all year round and is especially effective in environments with lush vegetation. Available in above-ground or integrated versions, it adapts to all pool configurations, whether under construction or renovation. It’s also very resistant to weather conditions and easy to clean.

Automatic lamella cover – electric or solar version of the automatic lamella cover with protective PVC or wooden pool storage. 120 or 250 Nm motors integrated into the tube. Control by Wi-Key remote control or key switch. Choice of PVC cover slats (four colors: white, beige, gray and blue) and polycarbonate slats (six options: transparent/transparent, transparent/black, transparent/brown, transparent/green, transparent/blue and transparent/silver). 

How to choose a winter cover?

There are two types of winter blankets:

Opaque winter covers keep pool water dark, preventing photosynthesis and algae growth during the winter.
Lightweight and easy to install, winter debris covers are especially recommended for large pools. They filter dirt and reduce water maintenance and cleaning.

We also recommend that pools with a cover fitted with a mesh cover, which limits the formation of stains on the slats or aprons due to dead leaves during the winter.


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