These devices are responsible for the mechanical removal of impurities from the pool water and are an indispensable part of every pool - without a filter, it is very difficult to keep the water in good condition for more than 10-15 days.

Standard sand filters or filtering devices, which are most common in private and public swimming pools, consist of the filter itself (casing - closed container) inside which there is quartz sand, glass-mineral or similar filling, a PVC pipeline for water distribution, and a PVC collector through which the circulation pump returns the filtered water to the pool, optional 4-way or 6-way valve and circulation pump.

The quality of the filter also depends on the material from which it is made, so we distinguish between filters made of:
● polypropylene - these are cheap filters, of slightly lower quality, but if you choose a filter from a quality manufacturer, they are quite suitable for private, primarily prefabricated pools
● injected thermoplastics – a very high-quality filter, and considering the price-quality ratio, the best choice of filter for private swimming pools
● laminated polyester – quality filters, with an outstanding aesthetic appearance, which are also used for smaller public pools
● polyester - they belong to the highest quality filters due to their strength and reliability, and are used for the largest public swimming pools, i.e. for diameters over 3m
● stainless steel - filters with exceptional mechanical properties, but are used less and less due to the relatively high price, and the increasingly high-quality performance of filters made of other materials

Aside from the filter quality and its construction, it’s even more important to have a quality of filtering and the effect of the filter, which depends on its capacity - the diameter of the container and the height of the filling. That means your pool needs a filter with a larger diameter and height if you want better water filtration. The appropriate pump is selected according to the capacity of the filter.

Filter filling is also very important for high-quality filtration of pool water, and in addition to the standard filling made of quartz sand, i.e. activated carbon or anthracite in the filters of public pools, there have also appeared higher quality fillings made of recycled glass, honeycomb polyethylene filling. In our opinion, the most effective are glass fillings covered with a layer of silver using nanotechnology, which, in addition to mechanical filtering, also has a biochemical, oxidative effect on the pool water.

According to the filter filling, filters can be divided as follows:

● standard so-called sand filters filled with quartz sand, recycled glass, anthracite, polyethylene honeycomb cells, glass balls enriched with a layer of silver, titanium, etc.
● filters filled with diatomaceous earth
● filters with so-called "cartridges" with standard cartridges or cartridges made of a special "nanofiber" material that, unlike the standard filter cartridge that prevents the passage of particles larger than 20 µ, prevents the passage of particles larger than 5-8 µ
● filters with bag inserts 


Filter pumps are indispensable, and we can say, the most important part of the pool system because without them there is no circulation of water through the pool, no additional heating of the pool water, and no dosing of chemical agents if the automatic dosing of chemical agents is installed - in short, nothing works.

In addition, the pool pump must be, together with the associated filter, of adequate capacity, in order to filter the water to a sufficient extent, and to wash the filter filling properly from dirt, thus keeping the water in the pool sanitary and hygienic.

For private swimming pools, pumps are usually made of quality so-called "noryl" thermoplastics, while for the public, larger swimming pools are made of a suitable alloy of cast iron or bronze if the medium is seawater. Also, for public pools, pumps that work with a lower number of rotations of 1500 rpm are more often used, while pumps for private pools work with a higher number of rotations(3000 rpm).

There are different versions of pool pumps for filtering, and self-priming centrifugal pumps with a pre-filter, made of thermoplastic with an associated electric motor, are most often used for private pools.

Although they are self-priming, it is recommended to install the pumps below the level of the water surface in the pool or compensate pool in a dry and well-ventilated technical area, the so-called machine room of swimming pool technology.

By raising awareness of man's impact on the environment and an increasingly ecological approach in all areas of new technologies, economical so-called variable pumps. which, by increasing or decreasing the number of rotations of the engine, makes it possible to save electricity. It is about the fact that it is not necessary for the filtration system to work at full capacity at all times - during the day, week, but also during the season of use if it is an outdoor pool. Rather, a slower flow of water through the filter enables better mechanical filtration because more small particles are retained in the filter filling due to lower pressure - it is always better to filter water for a longer time with a lower, slower flow, than for a shorter time with a faster, higher flow through the filter and the entire pool system. A higher flow rate is much more important when flushing the filter to flush as much of the retained dirt out of the filter into the drain. 


Lighting is a category of pool products that enhances the visual effect and pleasure of using the pool at night. In recent times, the almost exclusive trend is to switch from halogen to single-color or multicolor LED lamps, and the installation of a transformer in the engine room is mandatory.

Before building the pool, you should immediately plan the pool lighting, because it is necessary to install electrical installations in the pool shell. Think about what you want your pool to look like, are you going to use it for swimming and relaxation, or is it intended more for parties and gatherings? Take into account the surrounding outdoor lighting. Consider whether you want to highlight a certain part of the pool or illuminate the entire pool equally, whether you want to have lights in several colors, and whether you want the lights to serve as decoration or to be purely functional.

When designing pool lighting, physical laws related to the spread of light through the water and on the surface of the water should be followed. 

Pool heating

To extend the swimming season or for year-round swimming in the case of indoor pools, it is necessary to install pool heating systems or devices. Heat exchangers, electric heaters, and heat pumps are used for pool heating.

There are different heating systems, more or less sophisticated, that allow you to adjust the temperature to the exact degree. When choosing the solution that best suits your lifestyle and which is also the most cost-effective, you must take into account a number of criteria and evaluate not only the price of the heating system but also the annual cost of energy consumption.

Pool heat pumps collect the heat that is naturally present in the air before converting it and returning it to the pool water. This is one of the most cost-effective systems on the market. When choosing a heat pump, check that it meets the standards in force. When buying, compare different heat pumps with the same features. In addition to the heat pump, do not forget to equip yourself with a thermal blanket with bubbles to maintain the water temperature.

Also, a pool canopy, due to its greenhouse effect, can be an interesting option for heating water for bathing. A pool canopy provides other benefits such as pool protection and ease of maintenance, and there are several types (low, telescopic, removable canopies). 


Cleaning robots make pool maintenance much easier. They are programmed to independently clean the entire pool surface at a certain interval by lowering it into the water and plugging it into the electricity.

The cleaners from our offer are intended for cleaning home swimming pools, they professionally remove algae and impurities and clean the bottom and edges of the pool. They work automatically and independently of the pool's filtration system. They are characterized by years of trouble-free operation, which is why they are among the most durable cleaners on the market. The cleaners are equipped with a working cycle counter, which can be used to easily read the condition during service. 

Devices for automatic dosing

Automatic control of pools has reached a development stage where you use voice commands to activate the devices and effects that the pool has. The most modern pool dosing and management system are NET+, a microprocessor system that enables management via the Internet, mobile phone, touch screen in the living room, etc. For private, family pools, a device for automatic dosing, measuring chlorine and pH values, and automatic filter management is sufficient.


Hidrolife is a top-quality device for disinfecting pool water, the operation of which is based on the principle of electrolysis of salt water, which guarantees health, simplifies maintenance, and contributes to the improvement of water quality.

A water salinity of 3g/liter up to 100g/liter is sufficient, which enables this device to work in pools that use seawater. Another advantage of the device is that, in addition to the electrolysis function, it is equipped with additional relay outputs for controlling the operation of the dosing pump, filtration pump, pool lighting, and pool heating and with additional two outputs according to the user's choice.

The device can also be accessed via a web interface on a computer as well as via an application on a smartphone. 


Freestanding solar showers are primarily intended for outdoor pools and are a great solution for anyone who wants the possibility of showering with hot water right next to the pool.

For the installation of a free-standing shower, it is not necessary to make a special water supply, but the connection can be made with an ordinary garden pipe. Simply install and fix the shower with screws in the base next to the pool or on a special wooden base that allows you to move the shower as needed, as well as remove the shower.

The advantage of solar showers is that they have a specially designed tank that enables the heating of shower water with the help of solar energy. 


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