We offer pool maintenance according to the highest standards.

The water we use in the pool must be clean and clear, and it must meet the set quality requirements even under the highest load of bathers. In order to achieve good hygienic conditions, the water in the pool must be regularly controlled and maintained.

By circulating the water through the filter, it is purified, but filtration itself is not enough. The bottom of the pool is cleaned with a brush and a vacuum cleaner, while the surface is treated with a mesh to catch dirt. In addition to mechanical and physical cleaning of the pool from pollutants from the environment, it is also necessary to chemically balance the pool water.

The most important factor in maintaining pool water quality is the pH value. It tells us whether the water is acidic, alkaline, or neutral. The ideal value of pH in the pool must be between 7.0 and 7.6 because at this value the water does not cause irritation or scale deposition, while the effectiveness of the chemical products used for treating the pool water is optimal.

After balancing the pH value, the water needs to be disinfected. The most commonly used agent for disinfecting pool water is chlorine, which comes in different forms (such as liquid, tablets, and granules...). Whichever form it is, we must make sure that the amount of chlorine in the water is optimal in order to destroy bacteria and ensure clear water. We can also disinfect water with active oxygen. 

Preparation for the winter season

  1. Remove entire pool equipment from the pool and store it in a safe and dry place

  2. Drain the water from the pool

  3. Blow air through the pipes to get all the water out

  4. Add chemicals to slow down algae growth

  5. Cover the pool

Be sure to clean up debris, brush pool surfaces, and balance pool water chemistry before using again. Start the automatic pool cleaner for deep cleaning, including both, small and large debris. Empty the pool pump basket and rinse or clean the pool filter. For a quick cleanup, it is best to contact a pool professional who can do all of the above before using it again.


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