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A set of accessories for cleaning the pool “Kit” contains a net for the water surface, a vacuum cleaner De luxe, a floating thermometer, a brush of 45 cm, and a tablet tester c/ph.

Pool nets are suitable for cleaning the water surface of your pool.

A telescopic rod, together with a floating pipe and a brush (vacuum cleaner) creates a device for vacuuming and removing impurities from the bottom and walls of the pool. It is possible to connect surface or deep nets to the telescopic rod. The telescopic rod consists of two parts that are inside each other, so they can be adjusted as needed up to a length of 1.8 m to 3.6 m.

Floating hoses, thermometers, and plastic manual pool cleaners that contain an assortment of metal brushes allow you to deep clean the pool, but also remove sediment and dirt from the pool walls. 


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