Hot Spot

Top quality, modern design, exceptional performance.

Each Hot Spring pool has powerful jets, as well as high energy efficiency and quality. With a contemporary look, the entire Hot Spot collection of Hot Spring hydromassage pools is the representation of trends in modern design. Thanks to its dynamic, but at the same time very elegant appearance and advanced but proven technology, it ultimately meets the expectations of the top hydromassage pools of the highest category.
Through the synergy of experience and superior engineering, each pool of the Hot Spot collection provides an unforgettable hydromassage experience.
Ergonomically designed sitting and lying areas of the pool provide comfort and support for the body during the widely known Hot Spring massage.
Hydromassage pools are an ideal choice for tourist facilities such as villas, holiday homes, and apartments because they provide quality at affordable prices.

  • Simple water maintenance
    Thanks to the advanced FROG In Line system, the frequent addition of chlorine for water disinfection is no longer necessary. Insert the FROG disinfection cartridge into the slot, adjust the operation level and let the system disinfect the water for 3 to 5 weeks.
  • Superior energy efficiency
    In order to reduce energy consumption to the lowest possible level, Hot Spot pools are equipped with modern Fiber Insulation Core. Thanks to this advanced insulation, keeping the water warm even in the coldest areas does not require much energy.
  • Easy pool management
    A large control unit with intuitive controls enables very easy management of the pool functions. With its modern design, the control unit fits perfectly into the contemporary lines of the new Hot Spot pool collection.
  • The simplicity of cleaning the pool
    The drain placed at the lowest position guarantees complete emptying of the pool when draining the water, without retaining dirty water and impurities at the bottom of the pool.

Astralpool models

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Hydromassage bathtub for 3 people (2 seats + 1 lounger), intended for residential and home use. It is equipped with hydromassage pumps, heating, and filtration, and it contains a BALBOA system for controlling all Spa functions.

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The ideal model for families looking for the best features to relax and share special moments at home. With 5 positions, consisting of 2 comfortable deckchairs and 3 seats, it is the perfect solution for those looking for a complete hydromassage circuit.

In addition, the Balance E hot tub has 43 massage points, provided by 31 water jets and 12 air jets, as well as 5 completely different massage circuits designed to turn your bath time into an unforgettable experience.

Water maintenance in the hydromassage pool

This line of water maintenance products was developed exclusively for Hot Spring pool owners. These products are approved for use in your hydromassage pools and will help you carelessly enjoy clean water.
The set of chemicals for water maintenance contains everything you need to start enjoying your Hot Spring spa - chlorine granules, pH adjusters, water quality test strips, and instructions for water maintenance.

  • Chlorine granules
    This effective disinfection method is popular because it is completely soluble and almost pH neutral. Available in 1 kg packaging.
  • Solutions for raising or lowering the pH value
    In order for disinfectants such as chlorine to work effectively, it is necessary to maintain the pH value of the water at a level of 7.2 - 7.6. The solutions prevent the accumulation of scales on the surface and sides of the pool and control mineral impurities.
  • 5-WAY testne trakice
    These strips are used to monitor the amount of free chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity, and total hardness level of your pool water.
  • Filter cleaner
    With Filter Cleaner, keep your standard or Tri-X filters in top condition to increase water flow and keep your pool running efficiently.
  • Instant filter cleaner
    Extend the life of the filter by using an instant filter cleaner.
  • Bayrol Spa Time products
    A new and revolutionary line of products for cleaning and maintaining the water in your hydromassage pool. Spa Time products are specially adapted for use in hydromassage pools for complete pleasure.

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