Visitors entering to Aquateam premises agree to this contract upon arrival, which includes the following:


1.      Entrance fees have to be paid in advance. They are listed on visible price list. Croatian currency (kuna) is suggested, but we accept other currencies too.

2.      Visitor gets 1 locker key and 1 towel. He has to return them together at the counter before leaving. If he loses or damages the key, he has to pay 15 kn for making the new one.

3.      Aquateam with staff is not responsible for your things and objects of value left in locker room. Please have your locker locked, and keep your key with you.

4.      All clothes and shoes has to be left in locker room. You use only towel to cover yourself. You can walk bare foot. If you want/need you can bring another towel and some sandals with you.

5.      Aquateam with staff is not responsible for any health problems or injuries caused by ignorance of using saunas or unresponsible, uncareful behaviour

6.      It is strictly PROHIBITED:

-         bringing and consuming alcohol beverages, with exception of beer eventually offered in Aquateam automats

-         bringing and taking any drugs or things prohibited by law

-         offering, searching for, and advertising services prohibited by law (prostitution)

-         offensive, hate speech and using violence to solve conflicts inside Aquateam premises

7.      Please take care about those things also:

-          Respect the privacy and intimacy especially of younger guests and avoid unwelcome advances.

-          The doors to the sauna and the steam bath must always remain closed.

-          Visitors are obliged to the utmost cleanliness in all the rooms and are requested to maintain the facilities in the same clean and tidy condition as they wish to find them upon entering.

-          Due to the danger of fire, don't hang up any wet towels for drying next to the stove.

-          There is a special room for smokers, in rest of premises smoking is not allowed.

-          When staff asks, leave sauna for the short time of cleaning and manteinance of humidity.

-          Leave premises soon after Aquateam working hours end

1.      Aquateam has the authority to refuse admission to anyone with a dubious appearance (persons with influence of alcohol and drugs or persons with violence behaviour). Visitors must absolutely follow the instructions given by the staff; this also counts for  those cases where a guest questions the interpretation of a directive. Guests who are in breach of any of the regulations or who refuse to comply with the directives given by the staff will be asked to leave from / refused off the premises without any claim for reimbursement of the entrance-fee. Such cases can lead to banning / refusal off any person from future visit.


For any wishes, suggestions or complaints please address the staff at the counter or use e-mail:


We all wish you a pleasant stay!


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